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Trigger Warnings

As a contemporary dark romance author, my works contain scenes and descriptive adult content that might be triggering for some readers.

Your mental health is important to me.  If you are concerned about a specific trigger that is not listed for any of my books, please do not hesitate to contact me directly!


Capo Dei Capi's Daughter (2023)

The Botticelli Brotherhood: Book Two

Criminal activity, death, gun violence, profanity, amaurophilia, edging/orgasm control, breeding, masturbation, sitophilia, graphic sexual scenes, exhibitionism, katoptronophilia, degradation, anilingus, and pregnancy.

Capo Dei Capi’s Daughter FRONT.jpg

Indebted to the Enemy (2023)

The Botticelli Brotherhood: Book Three

Criminal activity, death, violence, profanity, bi-sexuality/MMF relationship, breeding, arranged/forced marriage, curb-stomping, graphic sexual scenes, exhibitionism, voyeurism, degradation, anilingus, forced orgasm, fisting (reference only), cockwarming, and non-consensual sexual touching.

IndebtedJPG Front.jpg
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