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A Not So Silent Night (2023)

Twelve Days of Smutmas Collection

“Take the scenic drive through Canada,” they said. “It’ll be fun,” they said.

Ok, so no one said it. I’m the one with the bright idea to sightsee on my way home from college.

When one of the biggest storms of the year hits, I end up stuck, waiting it out in a lakeside cabin with the two gorgeous men who rescued me from a snowbank.

Maybe it’s being snowed in, but the way they look at me, I’m certain I’ll be receiving much more than I wished for this Christmas.

not so silent night flat.png

Drive Her Wild (2024)

Fourteen Shades of Red Collection

Moving to Coal’s Lake to take over her uncle’s veterinary practice should be seamless.

That is, until Amaya runs into Jack. He’s a smug and cocky… but hot as sin and charming as hell.

Enough that if she’s not careful, she might not be able to pump the brakes with him.

Drive Her Wild.jpg

The Al Dente Diet (2024)

ErotiCom co-write with Irene Bahrd

At his friend’s suggestion, and years of not cashing in his vacation time, Richard takes six weeks off to eat his way through Italy. In a comedy of errors, his flight is torture, he accidentally cancels his walking tour reservation, and has been hit on by nearly every woman he encounters after landing in Verona.

Italy isn’t what he thought it would be, until he meets an intriguing woman who shows zero interest, which only piques his.

Catarina isn’t your typical mafia princess, working as her family's enforcer. Using the sweet American tourist as an alibi for a hit, he complicates her plans and is forced into her world. While their attraction is undeniable, Cat doesn’t do relationships, love, or anything resembling feelings. The last thing she needs is to be involved with a man who is leaving in six weeks. Determined to make the best of things, Richard manages to crack her hard exterior and finds himself eating more than Cat’s homemade pesto.


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