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Marcano Moguls

Tryst (2023)

The Marcano Moguls: Book One

It was supposed to be just a tryst...

Isabella thought it was just going to be a one-night stand to get over her cheating ex-boyfriend.

Nothing more than a vacation fling with the silver fox she hit it off with at the hotel bar.

When she climbed into Alejandro’s bed, she had no idea what kind of man he really was or what kind of secrets he was keeping.

She had no idea how that one night would change her entire life.


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Crave (2023)

The Marcano Moguls: Book Two

"Even with my heart pounding in my chest, I desperately crave his next command."

An unexpected promotion lands Alexys a position working for one of the richest men in the city.

The opportunity anything but what it seems, her world is quickly turned upside down when she finds the masked man of her nightmares is all too real.

Leaning into the darkness, she finds herself playing a dangerous and questionable game of cat and mouse with a man that will stop at nothing to make her his.


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Intern (2024)

The Marcano Moguls: Book Three

He was supposed to be just an intern.

When Sofia agreed to join Marcano Enterprises, it was to save her father's cartel. She did not expect to spend her first couple months with the company babysitting the intern.

Discovering she is unable to deny her attraction to Gabriel, a college student nearly twenty years her junior, she quickly finds herself teaching him things that extend far beyond the board room.

Neither of them were prepared for how much this one summer would change their lives.

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