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Botticelli Brotherhood

Sold To The Syndicate (2023)

The Botticelli Brotherhood: Book One

Lorenzo Botticelli is like royalty.  His family runs the city.  He is brutal, ruthless, and always in control.  He is not a man to be messed with.  

Avalie is a sassy, sarcastic woman who has spent her life learning how to fend for herself.  She is not the type of woman you control.

Lorenzo owns her now, sold to him to pay a debt. 


Will he break her?  Or will she break him?

Sold To The Syndicate FRONT  Cover.jpg

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Capo Dei Capi's Daughter (2023)

The Botticelli Brotherhood: Book Two

This city is slowly prepping to burn to the ground, and the Capo Dei Capi is adamant his only daughter will not become collateral damage.

I swore to her father that I would protect her with my life.

But how do I protect her from me?

Venecia Botticelli is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen, and she might be more deadly than the men I am protecting her from.

Men have been lucky to only lose their hands for touching her. 

I might lose my life.

Capo Dei Capi’s Daughter FRONT.jpg

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Indebted to the Enemy (2023)

The Botticelli Brotherhood: Book Three

On my knees before him, I'm compelled to submit to Marco Barone.

As king of this city, he should be bowing before me, Giancarlo Botticelli. But behind closed doors, with his perfect body towering above mine, I am powerless to my need for him once again.

Poor timing has us reconnecting as war is raging through the city. In the midst of this war, my brother agreed to pay a debt to garner peace. A debt I must pay by marrying Irene Andreyev, the sister of one of our family's enemies.

I will make this sacrifice for my family. I'll marry her and bind our families by blood, but only on my terms.


I refuse to give up the man who fulfills my desires. She can take us both or watch this city burn.

IndebtedJPG Front.jpg

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Falling for the Mafia Dom (2023)

The Botticelli Brotherhood: Book Four

With my sons running my empire, I should be able to enjoy my retirement in peace.

All it took was a young blond wandering into my kitchen nearly naked to disrupt my routine and have me second guessing everything.

I’m three times her age. She’s innocent. No matter how much I try to stay away from her, something about her calls to me. I shouldn’t want her, shouldn’t feel the incessant need to claim her as mine.

But sometimes what you want and what you need are the same thing.

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