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Savagely Depraved

Dark Devils (2023)

Savagely Depraved: Prequel Novella

Living in the quaint, small town of Adelaide cove, it was expected that Grant, Edmund, Elizabeth, William, and Samuel would befriend each other.

What they didn’t expect was their extreme wealth, questionable pasts and common interests drawing them closer together.

No one knew how savagely depraved and carnal those desires truly were. One fateful night of sinful indulgences would seal their bond, releasing an evil in them even they didn’t know was there.


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Family Ties (2024)

Savagely Depraved: Book One

Riddled with anxiety that he won't be accepting of her past or where she comes from, Abigail travels to Adelaide Cove with her fiance to meet Grant Geyer, her future father-in-law.

She has no idea the secret her fiance is hiding or just how accepting of her his father will be.

Unknowingly walking into the devil’s lair, Abigail is about to be thrust into a world of depravity she didn’t know existed. Will she become yet another secret buried in this small town? Or will she find salvation in the darkness she didn’t know existed inside of her?

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